Dana Dupree brings a large serving of Texas hospitality

to every restaurant she has managed.  She has operated restaurants from Longview, Texas to Destin, Florida.  No matter what city or what state, Dana makes customers feel at home when they come into her restaurant.

I've known Dana for more than five years and she always was a top performer who puts people first.  She knows a great customer experience starts with a great employee experience.  Her staff understands that Dana is committed to their success.  She provides her staff great training when hired and on-going training when they work there.  She makes pre-shift meetings an essential ingredient to the restaurants success.  She views the role of an exceptional restaurateur as more teacher than manager.  

A few years ago, I was looking for an exceptional general manager to operate a restaurant in Round Rock.  A friend in Florida told me about Dana and insisted I talk to her.  She was living in Destin working as a manager for Outback Steakhouse and enjoying the beach and the sun and their boat. Getting her to move away from the white sand and blue waters of Destin was not going to be easy.  However,  she is a Texas girl and she loves the Austin area.  The challenge would be the lack of sand and surf.  I told her to come and check out Lake Travis -- which at that time had a fair amount of water in it. The lake caught their attention and they made the move to central Texas.    Then came the drought and there went the water.  Fortunately, she stayed here water or not.

Dana and I have stayed in contact over the years and I knew if I could ever find the right location for a restaurant she would be the one I would like to partner with.  When I signed the lease for Napa Flats in North Austin across from Concordia University, I knew Dana would be the perfect choice for managing partner.  She lives near the site and had lots of friends in the area.  We offered her a an opportunity to buy an interest in the restaurant and our partnership was born.  

When you meet Dana you will understand what hospitality is all about.

Tom Kenney - Founder/Chief Bus Boy
Napa Flats Wood-Fired Kitchen