More than catering, we call it the Napa Flats wood-fired kitchen experience.  All the flavors, textures, uniqueness and fun of wood-fired cooking plus the appetizing desserts, cakes, pies, breads, gelato and more that will leave your guests complimenting your creativity and good taste.

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Portable Pizza Oven




Enticing aromas and the hot, freshly baked goodness of our portable pizza oven set the stage for unique events, tailgates and gatherings big or small.  You can even encourage your guests to get involved in creating and cooking their own pizzas.

Portable Gelato Stand

uniquely different.  a wide range of flavorS.  sure to please.

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Master Pastry Chef Leigha Sutton

Chefs say we eat with our eyes.  We couldn’t agree more.  Master pastry chef Leigha Sutton’s imagination and creativity are as beautiful and innovate as they are delicious. Wedding cakes, pies, pastries and desserts make great gifts and memorable events.  Leigha's good taste and unerring eye set Napa Flats apart.  Everything is made to order and can be customized just for your event.  Be sure to order in advance for the holidays.