Restaurants College Station TX


Seeking a Fine Restaurant in College Station TX?

Find distinctive dining at Napa Flats Wood-Fired Kitchen!

We at Napa Flats believe every dining experience should be special and unique for everyone who comes to our College Station restaurant. It should be a blending of hand-made, healthy food with scents and textures that are well-known and yet uncommon – an offering of excellent refreshments and truly memorable desserts. The setting is also very important; we offer our patrons a distinctive patio and bar featuring wine on tap as well as a main dining area that allows views of the wood-fired kitchen.

As part of the local community of independent restaurant owners in College Station and Bryan who work to create special dining moments, we have created a menu that offers a range of excellently-prepared dishes that range from wood-fired pizza to tasty pastas; from hand-cut steaks to tantalizingly-grilled fish. Of course, we couldn’t overlook the finale to a perfect meal – selection of a delectable dessert created by our pastry chef – it will bring your incomparable dining experience full circle.

But don’t take our word for it – come visit our special little corner of distinctive restaurant dining in College Station Texas – come visit us at Napa Flats!