Juan Gonzalez – Managing Partner
NAPA FLATS wood-fired kitchen  SAN ANTONIO, TX


Juan Gonzalez is the perfect partner to lead San Antonio Napa Flats

San Antonio is a great restaurant town with a strong culture based around family and food that loves independent operators, making it the perfect place for our third Napa Flats.

I have known Juan for more than 15 years and watched his career bloom and prosper. Juan has mastered every role in the restaurant from line cook and kitchen manager to wait staff and general manager. He has always been a top performer and quickly rose up the ranks from hourly to management. He now makes the next step to managing partner and restaurant owner.

Juan is a great leader and provides his team with a clear understanding of what they are responsible for. He holds people accountable for their performance, and he believes in coaching and teaching to encourage them to perform their best. He is incredibly calm under fire, and he never gets rattled. People love working for him, and customers immediately appreciate the great restaurant environment he creates.

Watching Juan grow has been an amazing journey. He confidently takes charge, and best of all, he delivers a taste of San Antonio hospitality on every visit.

Juan and his family were very excited to invest their time and energy in making Napa Flats San Antonio a reality. They are the heart of the spirit of the community, and thanks to them, you can enjoy the amazing tastes of Napa Flats Wood-Fired Kitchen in an equally amazing city.

Tom Kenney - Founder & Chief Bus Boy
Napa Flats Wood-Fired Kitchen

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