Wine bars have become very popular spots, a great place for both ‘wine-preneurs’ and ‘wine-newbies’ to have the opportunity of sampling some of the best vintages available. Such establishments typically focus on the beverage rather than the food, although a good accompanying menu is still essential for complete success. Those new to visiting a wine bar in Tulsa, Oklahoma are in for a treat, as it can be a great and informative experience. The key is being sure to visit the right bodega, one that is run by knowledgeable staff who truly know and understand what constitutes fine wine.


A Broad Selection of Wine Types

What would a wine bar be without a good selection? It would probably be just a typical restaurant. Successful establishments catering to the wine crowd need to offer both some familiar labels; ; however, most visitors are looking for something different, something not seen anywhere else. The best wine bars offer a few new labels and types frequently and have a wide selection of flavors to please almost every palate.

Whether domestic or imported, the key is variety and continual rotation of specialty offerings to keep customers coming back. A few exotics on the regular menu with some old standbys are always nice. It is important to provide information about each wine, both verbally by the server and on paper to take with to remind them of that particular vintage. That allows a taster to do further research on their own if that is desired.

An appealing wine bar in College Station TX will offer various pour sizes or tastes in order to try something new without having to purchase an entire glass. Small pours also make it possible for side-by-side tasting, which is definitely something that most true enthusiasts enjoy. A sampling should be as easy and affordable as possible; sales come with repeated visits and bottles sold after the tasting.

An Appealing Food Selection

Even though the purpose of any wine bar is to introduce people to wine, there should also be some type of a food selection because most ‘wine-preneurs’ consider trying out a new wine bar as part of an entire evening experience – including eating. There should be a fine balance between an emphasis on the wine or on the food, as the highlight is on the beverage and not necessarily a chef’s latest food creation.

A good rule of thumb is a place that offers a nice variety of food dishes that compliment the vintages and types of wines being offered, i.e., French cuisine for French imported wines, Italian food with a good Italian vino, etc . Offerings should be of the highest quality yet not so complex as to take away attention from the wine tasting itself. The best way to appreciate new wines is with food that helps the consumer enjoy the wine even more.

Trained and Knowledgeable Servers

Because there are so many things that can affect a wine tasting event, a key element of a successful wine bar is to have trained, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable staff. Wines can be either enhanced or ruined by temperature, sitting out, shape and type of glassware, and even more variables, which must be handled correctly by all servers. They should also be able to help tasters make appropriate food and beverage choices, understand correct wine terminology, and be helpful for those looking for new wines to taste and learn about

Combined with the right atmosphere that will attract the desired wine bar in College Station ‘wine-preneurs’ or ‘wine-newbies,’ these tips are a great starting point for tasters and servers alike. Venues that hold frequent tasting events besides regular restaurant hours open up a whole new way to have a lot of fun and leave patrons wanting to return to enjoy new wines, new foods, and new friends!