Tony Abdalla – Managing Partner/Director of Operations
NAPA FLATS wood-fired kitchen  COLLEGE STATION, TX


Tony has been instrumental in the creation of napa flats from almost the beginning.

Without his contribution, we would have never opened. We talked about and studied recipes for months. In one memorable day we had tasted enough food to get a year’s worth of calories. His humor, common sense and eye for detail make him an exceptional business partner and an outstanding manager.

Watching Tony interact with people is pure joy. It is easy to understand why both customers and employees love his affable demeanor. Tony connects with people because he is fully present and listens when he engages in a conversation. He has a loyal group of managers and team members that follow him because they know he is fair and straightforward. Life is just better with Tony around. The result is outstanding food and a great restaurant experience for our customers.

Tony and I have now worked together for more than 20 years. It has been a great pleasure watching him grow and mature from his days as a college student to become a restaurant entrepreneur and a devoted family man. Tony’s dedication to Napa Flats is only exceeded by his love for his wife Lori and their four children. Balancing his children’s many sporting and school activities with a restaurant career is no easy task. But Tony understands the difference between what is urgent and what is important.

Look for Tony next time you are in the restaurant. He’ll be the one with the smile.

Tom Kenney
Napa Flats Founder & Chief Bus Boy

College station Gallery

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